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Who are Appletree Support?

What services do you offer?

Do you offer overnight services or live – in care?

What areas do you cover?

What are your fees?

How do I make a referral to your service and who pays ?

Are your employees trained?

What if I don't like my carer?

Are my details confidential?

How do I apply to work for you?

Questions answered

Q. Who are Appletree Support?
A. Appletree Support is a small local organisation offering care and support to disabled children and young people. Appletree provides highly trained members of staff to work with children and young people between the age of 0– 25 in their homes and in the community. Read more about us here

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Q. What services do you offer?
A. We currently offer short break services in the form of domiciliary care and community support. We also offer a play and leisure club opportunity. Read more about our services here

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Q. Do you offer overnight services or live – in care?
A. We currently offer both sleeping and waking night support in the clients own home. We are also able to offer full live-in care packages for clients at home or at university.

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Q. What areas do you cover?
A. We currently cover the following areas: Havant, Waterlooville, Portsmouth, Fareham, Gopsort, Hayling Island. However we would consider taking referrals from other nearby areas.

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Q. What are your fees ?
A. Fees vary depending on the task we have been referred to do – fee information for specific pieces of work can be obtained by telephoning our Manager on 02393 455888.

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Q. How do I make a referral to your service and who pays?
A. Local Authorities and Health Care Services often refer packages of care to us this would be from a child’s social worker of community nurse. You can find more information about your local authority at the following websites:

Primary care trusts for both areas:

If you wish to make a private referral or you are in receipt of Direct Payments and you wish to make a self-referral you can download a referral Click HERE

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Q. Are your employees trained?
A. Appletree Support Ltd employ's staff of varying abilities but inisist that all staff have a genuine interest in helping people and a caring flexible attitude. All staff undertake basic training with both management and experienced carers. Employees are encouraged to improve their skills and some have completed exams in health care. All staff have to undergo police and reference checks and do not operate on a self-employed basis. Appletree Support pays all national insurance and tax contributions.

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Q. What if I dont like my carer?
A. Appletree Support Ltd tries to ensure that the most suitable carer will be assigned to you to meet your needs. However if you are unhappy for any reason please contact the office and we will assign a replacement as soon as possible.

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Q. Are my details confidential?
A. Appletree Support Ltd. hold written and computer records on all our service users. Written records are kept in a locked filing cabinet and our computer records are protected by authorised passwords. For more information on your rights under the Data Protection Act please speak to the Manager.

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Q. How do I apply to work for you?
A.A: Our application form is also available for download. Send your completed application form to and we will be in touch.

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